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A written note or phone call is required if your student will be absent or tardy and must be reported via the absence phone # or written communication by 9:00am. After a contagious disease, check with the school nurse or doctor when it would be safe to send your child back to school.

Special Curriculum Areas

The following special subjects are offered to our kindergarten children: Physical Education, Art, Library/Computers, Music & Health. 

Health Services

A full time nurse is on duty daily. The nurse's office is located next to the main office. Your child will have a happier and more beneficial day in school if he/she is alert and well rested. Having enough sleep and a nutritional, unhurried breakfast before coming to school makes the day a better one. Please be sure that your child is dressed in simple, washable clothing. Clothing fasteners (zippers, buttons, snaps, etc.) should be large enough for the child to handle and over-the-shoe boots large enough so that he/she can get them on. It is helpful when the child can tie and zip his/her own clothing. Remember that your child needs warm outside clothing for those days when he/she will go out to play. To ensure the return of clothing items, lunch boxes, etc., please label with your child's name. Please let us know immediately if your child needs special consideration for any health problem. If he/she is coughing, sneezing, feverish, has a rash, vomiting, etc., please keep him/her home. 

Student Records

All students' permanent school records are kept on file in the main office. Parents who wish to view their child's school records must schedule a pre-arranged time to do so. A school official will be available to assist in interpreting any of the records. Persons other than parents or legal guardians shall be prohibited from viewing a student's record without proper legal authorization. 

Visitors to School

All visitors to the school must report to the main office immediately upon entering the building. Only those visitors who have made arrangements in advance will be permitted to remain in the building. Students from another school may not visit during school hours unless he/she obtains permission from the school principal in advance of the visit. The administration reserves the prerogative to deny visitation privileges. 

Parental Pick-up of Students (Prior to School Dismissal) 

In order to avoid traffic congestion and to extend safety precautions to our students, parents must report to the office through the entrance in the front of the school. Students will not be released from school without the physical presence of the parent at the office.

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